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Saturday, 26 January 2013

World War Two In A Different light

With the weather forecast being typically ambiguous we decided to go with plan B again, so I dropped my wife at work and continued round to GHQ. Dave had set up a 1940 game, Castle Blandings was there in all its glory. But what was this on the roof? turns out it was a top secret weapon awaiting to be tested upon the arrival of Mr. Churchill

Most Secret Weapon The D-Ray

Some fifth columnist had obviously been at work for the Germans were aware of this experiment and managed to drop paratroops to try and capture the weapons inventor and paperwork. Blandings however was stoutly defended by British army regulars, the Home Guard together with the staff and workers of the Blandings estate and even the guests were armed and put into the fray.

  Home Guard Smith Gun Defends Blandings Bridge

The irregular defenders put up a splendid defence, although their inexperience resulted in high casualties but still the held their ground and held up the advance of the paratroopers, enabling the regulars to fight off a even more nefarious foe.

Is there no depths that the Narzies will not plumb to meet their nefarious ends? However even these abominations were no match for His Majesties troops and the new D-Ray. The enemy attack was grinding to a halt but then a lucky 80mm mortar round destroyed the D-Ray, with time getting on and no clear result in sight a draw was declared. There you have it a totally bonkers but fun game, using Bolt Action rules with add ons for the mad bits. No game next week as we are heading for the wilds of North Yorkshire for the weekend and Vapnartak, I will not say weather permitting has 8" of snow in North Dalton didn't stop us last year.

More pics over on Dave's blog, Tales From GHQ, link on my blog list.



  1. A spiffing report Phil, I could almost have been there! Love the black and white period images too.

    1. I could almost have there too, well some of the time :-)

  2. Fabulous reading for a Sunday morning - many thanks

    1. Glad to be of service, pleased you enjoyed it.

  3. Great stuff Phil! I especially liked looking at your gallery of photo's. Nice War of the Roses figures!
    All is well in the colonies!
    A.Fuchs (AKA Dave P.)