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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Aims For 2013

Readers will note that I say aims not plans, for we all know that no plan survives first contact with the enemy, these in my case (and no doubt included in yours dear readers) is time and the lure of the "shiny". So what are my aims?
In no particular order -
1. Complete my Late and Early Great War figures, guns, vehicles and terrain.
2. Complete my forces for Dux Brittaniarum
3. Add units to my growing First Carlist War forces
4. Maybe along the way add to my Spanish Civil War forces
5. Avoid the lure of "shiny syndrome"

How this will pan out with commission work and family matters and what the plethora of figure producers put out  to tempt me with must of course remain an unknown at the moment.
Watch this space as they say.  

Over Christmas I managed to complete the splendid Grand Manner wayside shrine, a wonderful Christmas gift from Dave.

Yesterday I travelled over to Bickley Towers for the first games of the year, as my wife only works around the corner I got there early so we were able to play two games during the day. First off was a French Indian Wars game using the popular Muskets and Tomahawks rule set, this being our first outing with the rules we only had small forces. The British aim was to burn the Indian village, the Indians obviously to stop them, my two units advanced cautiously along the track through the woods.

Before too long contact was made with a returning Indian hunting party, a prolonged musketry dual took place with the superior British firepower gradually taking its toll and the British winning the day. I was rather bemused as to why the Indians did not close to hand to hand, it turned out that the Indian chief was an innate coward!
After a rather splendid lunch provided by Sue we played a 1940 Britain invaded game using Bolt Action rules, this saw the gallant British defending Blanding's Bridge against capture by German paratroops. After some poor shooting from both sides early in the proceedings things started to hot up, helped by the fact that we forgot to roll for damage from the mortar hits and took the casualties for each hit scored! In the end casualties were about even but the paratroops did not enough men to take the bridge so they retired the field.
British Forces Defend Blanding's Bridge

There will not be a game next week as we plan to deliver Dave's latest rule set A Crowning Mercy to Caliver Books. The week after we plan to play a Great War game here at OHQ, as I mentioned in previous post.
TTFN and Happy New Year


  1. Happy New Year Phil.

    Good luck for 2013 on the painting and gaming front.



    1. Thanks Helen, hope your move goes smoothly.



  2. Nice pics, I never make a plan for the year, I never stick to it! Have a great new year!

    1. Wise move, I am already being lured by the "shiny" more in my next post.

  3. Splendid post, Phil! Hope you keep it up, and the painting plans too! Like the photos of our latest escapades in GHQ. I've posted more over on my Blog {Talesfromghq}.

    1. I hope so too. A splendid start for us both anyway.

  4. Great pictures!
    Happy new year...