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Sunday, 11 March 2012

WMMMS 2012

As I was not at the raceway today I was able to attend the above show again this year with Dave, had a splendid time. Did not spend much really, some bases from the great guys at Warbases, some paint and some tufts, also delivered some commission work, pic below of some Marlburian dragoons.

There appeared to be a really good turnout, certainly seemed as good as last year. Around 50 traders, to cater for most gamers needs and some really nice games on show too, where are the photo's you may ask?

Did they turnout very well?

Please don't ask which numpty left his memory card at home in the PC's card reader! I think at times that age is catching me up a little to fast.



  1. They're looking very smart indeed. Which regiment was this, Phil?

    1. I have no idea, I was just asked to do them with blue facings :-) I can find out if you like.