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Monday, 5 March 2012

Early Great War Stuff

Below are some pics of my latest figures painted for the joint 100 year anniversary project with Dave.

3rd Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment "Von Stulpnagel" (5th Brandenburg)

Machine Gun Company

Battalion Command

Some artillery support
To balance things up here are some Scots I have been painting for an ongoing commission

And finally, some much needed reinforcements for my late war German forces

All figures are from the excellent ranges by Great War Miniatures.


  1. Fant√°stiic stuff GW is my favourite manufacturer

  2. lovely work Phil. The contrast of colours on the unifroms looks really good.



  3. Great idea to go for a 100 year anniversary of the beginnings of WWI. I take it this mwill be a display game? Or is it a more personal matter?

    Very nice brushwork as well.


  4. Phil, these look tremendous. I particularly like the scarlet trim on the uniform cuffs and collars. Fantastic stuff.

  5. Thanks for the kind comments.

    Darrell, we may do a game, not sure yet. We have sort of stopped doing demo's, as the years come on it gets a tad tiring and stressful when there is just the two of us. But never say never, as they say.

  6. Beautiful work sir, I like the earlier period of the war....

  7. Oh, I think we may manage a game Phil, don't you? Perhaps like the 15mm one we did at Bedworth ~ which turned out to be on Rememberence Sunday when we found our Mons game in the window adjacent to the War Memorial...

  8. I remember it well David, didn't know wether to feel embarassed or proud.

    I think my grandfather and his like would have appreciated the irony though.

  9. Great painting Phil!
    I'm currently reading 'The Battle of the Frontiers, Ardennes 1914' by Terence Zuber which is an excellent book with plenty of battle details for regimental, brigade and division actions which would be perfect for your Germans. You just need to persuade Dave to paint the cannon fodder, I mean French.