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Friday, 13 January 2017

Chateau Pleque, Western Front Late 1918

After the success in neutralising the German OP on Church Hill, High Command were keen for the advance to continue before the Germans could rally for a counter attack. Orders were issued for an attack on the hamlet of Chateau Pleque a possible springboard for the inevitable counter attack. The task would fall to Col. "Tubby" Bykleighs command, knowing that the hamlet would be stoutly defended, the Colonel opted for a dawn attack, the poor light although hampering the attack would hopefully also ensure lighter casualties on the approach which was fairly open from the aerial reconnaissance photos.
Leading the attack would be Oliver Hamptons platoon, the sections would be the of recent reorganisation, two Lewis Gun sections and two rifle sections which would include three rifle grenadiers each. These would be supported by a Whippet light tank and heavy mortar support on request.
There is no news of Leutnant Weiss and his men, we must assume they are either dead or captured, we have been ordered to hold the hamlet of Chateau Pleque, it may be required to launch a counter attack from. I have three gruppen and a MG08, a granatenwerfer team are enroute and we have been promised a field gun by dawn to counter any panzers Tommy may throw at us, a position has been dug ready for it.

The scene is set for the next game here at OHQ, Monday weather permitting, we will use Bolt Action 2nd Edition with mods for the Great War.
AAR to follow, stay tuned...............................



  1. So unfair it's only a teaser ! now we have to wait😬

  2. Looking forward to it. Particularly to see how your Mods work out. Meanwhile I am personfully working my way through 15 feet of Ironclad trenchworks with the intention of starting with Paschandaele later in the year.

    1. Zero Hour is fast approaching. I still have some Ironclad stuff to do as well, and will no doubt be adding to it as and when John adds new pieces this year.