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Monday, 4 July 2016

Assault On Billy's Bunker

Today we revisited the Great War using the World War One variant of Chain of Command. Dave took command of the Tommies whose objective was to capture the German Kaiser Wilhelm observation bunker in the German second line. The British force comprised of a 1918 platoon, with the support of a MkIV Male tank, there had also been a barrage on the German wire prior to the attack.
It was a game of two halves, one half could not seem to hit a barn door at point blank range, me of course and Dave who must have ate 5's and 6's for breakfast and then proceed to spit them out when dicing to fire. My 5's and 6's appeared in my Command Dice rolls, it did however give me a stock of Chain of Command dice which came in really useful to negate some of the morale checks without which the game would have been over a lot sooner.
A pictorial narrative of sorts follows, which will I hope convey the unfolding action
The Germans Take It To Church

Tommy Takes Up Residence In Shrapnel Villa

A perfect Place For His Lewis Gun Teams To Support The Advance

The Rifle Grenadier Section Take Up Position In An Abandoned Trench

With The Support Of The Rifle Grenade And Lewis Sections The British Advance On The Right

A Brave German With An Anti-Tank Rifle Attempts To Halt The Tank In Its Tracks, He failed Miserably 

End Game

The Remnants Of The German Force Retreat
Some in period photos of the tank advance.

We intend to do a similar thing that we did with the Seven Years War earlier in the year and play the same action with different rules, next up will be Bolt Action followed by Through The Blood and the Mud rules.
Off for a break later in the week, back in a week or two.



  1. What a wonderful table, splendid pictures!

  2. Thank you Phil, glad you like it.

  3. As I said yesterday; great figures, great terrain, great game, and great result. A perfect day's gaming, thanks Phil!

  4. Thank you DB, you are most welcome. Will see if I can reverse the result though next game :-)

  5. Awesome looking table Phil!

    1. Thank you Rodger, shame it will be the same next time, although I may add a bit to the British start line.

  6. Grand looking table and lovely models!

  7. Thank you Peter, glad you approve.