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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Goth Noble Cavalry

I have finished a unit of Goth Noble cavalry, this makes two cavalry and two infantry units completed for the Goths. I need to paint the same again to make an eight unit force for using Neil Thomas's Ancient and Medieval rules.
I am currently painting another unit of Roman Equites, when this is complete I just need to paint another infantry unit to have the required eight units for the Romans.

Earlier in the week I popped over to GHQ for a Very British Civil War game, it was a splendid affair, made more so by being victorious and saving the Royal couple from the clutches of the Bolshies. For some splendid pics and reportage click HERE or on the side bar, Tales From GHQ.

Next game here will be a Spanish Civil War game.



  1. Lovely base of Goths there Phil.

  2. Fantastic figures, just curious but was there any discernable difference between Goths and Romans at this period? - apart from the impressive moustaches of course.

    1. Thanks Matt. Not sure about the third century, but almost certainly by the fourth and fifth when several Roman armouries would have been overrun. Bill's figures are meant for those centuries, but to my thinking a barbarian is a barbarian, so they will do me for the third century, although the armoured types I will limit to the odd figure and nobles.

  3. They look superb, nicely done!