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Saturday, 13 February 2016

Espana Revista

With the recent receipt of the new Painting War guide, Spanish Civil War by Ruben Torregrosa and another inspiring report of his latest Spanish Civil war outing from Srivs I decided that I would finish off the seven Empress figures that have been staring at me on the painting board for months. I followed some of the recipes in the guide, I just happened to have one of the figures painted in the guide, a Foreign Legion officer, as I do not need another Legion officer I have painted him up as per the guide, a Nationalist Provisional Lieutenant, the shirt is a little different as I do not have the particular colour required.
This figure I have painted up so that he can serve in either side, quite liked the idea of the unpainted helmet..
The rest are all Legion figures, I think I mixed the green a little too green, but I like it so they will not be redone, new uniforms perhaps?
Due to a change in domestic arrangements Dave has kindly agreed to come over to OHQ for next weeks game, it has to be a Spanish Civil War game really. We will be using Bolt Action rules as I do not have enough figure painted to play Chain of Command properly, why do Spanish platoons have to be so bloody large? We will use the adaptations suggested by  Arlequin (Jim Hale), I don't think these are on the new blog, I will try and contact Jim and see if it is OK to detail these when I do the battle report after the game.

Hasta La Vista.


  1. Remarkable work and historical period. We held many games on the Spanish Civil War, very interestingly, I recommend 8)

  2. Marvellous painting, congratulations on a wonderful job. Thanks for sharing! Hasta la próxima! :)

  3. They look stunning Phil! Wonderful work.

  4. Wonderful stuff Phil, such a shame they'll be sent packing again on Monday though ;~)

  5. Lovely stuff. I plan to splash some paint on some SCW figures tomorrow.