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Thursday, 5 February 2015

Back To Terrain

I have had a new piece of terrain for my Great War set up in mind for a while, looking at the last game and the shell craters I thought they look OK but a bit random even though there were quite a few on the table. This might be fine for the open terrain on that game, but I thought a little something more intense is needed for our trench games. I had three shell craters in hand from Ironclad Miniatures, so I set to and cut out an irregular shape of foam core board and stuck them down, all good but the gaps in between may as well have been the table. Off I went to the bits box and came up with a Wargames Foundry Great War range casualty, this was bareheaded, but I remembered having a West Wind Miniatures zombie head lying around, I duly did a quick head swap. Also in the box was a horse skeleton, this was off an old Games Workshop vampyr? coach, which incidentally now features as a hearse in Dave's Wild West town of New Paddock City! The rifle is off the Warlord plastic Germans sprue. A few contours were added with Miliput and model railway ballast of various grades stuck down with PVA glue, ready for the next step, painting.