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Monday, 4 November 2013

Encouraged To Try Again

Although I'm sure no one is really bothered whether I post again or not I have been encouraged to have another go with Blogger. Here is the report I had to give up on before, it features a recent  Great War game here at OHQ between Dave and myself using Bolt Action rules with the GajoGames amendments and add ons, he took control of the brave Tommies, whose objective was to take three objectives in the German front line. The game would last twelve turns with a D6 being thrown at the end of turn twelve to determine the number of further turns.

The objectives are, the pill box, the position to the left of the ruin and the one directly behind, these were covered in camoflage netting so the British did not know what was positioned there until the Germans fired or were spotted, we used the spotting rule from "Battlegroup Kursk".
The British Mass For The Attack

The British were given a preliminary bombardment, again we used the mechanism for indirect fire from BGK, this resulted in two units being pinned but no casualties. The British commenced their attack on the right spearheaded by a Whippet tank.

"Ajax" Leads The Way
The British took advantage of the cover of the wood to advance on the German left flank, the rifle grenadier section taking up position to bombard the German trenches there, meanwhile the Germans had positioned their anti-tank gun in the forward position on ambush orders and it opened fire on the advancing Whippet with no effect.
The German Anti-tank Gun Opens Fire
Over on the British left, Dave positioned a rifle and a Lewis gun section to threaten the Germans on their right flank and pin them down with harrasing fire.
Keep Their 'eads Down Lads

Dave's excellent fire and movement tactics over on the the German  left coupled with the inaccurate fire from the German defenders finally saw that flank give way, luckily the Whippet was disabled by fire from the German A/T gun eventually or the carnage could have been much worse. Pinned from the front and their flank about to be rolled up the Germans on the right gave way and retreated to the second line.

With The Germans Pinned By Fire From The Whippet And Rifle Grenades, British Bombers Advance To Finish The Job


  1. Excellent account, Nice pictures! Welcome back!

  2. Good looking game. Always assumed the BA rules could easily be used for WWI. The addition spotting rule also makes a lot of sense.


  3. Welcome back! Thanks for the great report. I was thinking about using Bolt action for Great War gaming too. I think I'll give these amendments a go.

  4. Very nice! Thanks for posting and welcome back.

  5. Welcome back, Phil. Great to see you posting again. That's the great thing about blogs - you leave it a while, and you come back and its as if you have never been away!

    That being said, we missed you!

    Great report, and the usual beautiful figures. I'd love to know more about your method of cutting and splicing rules from different sets. Is this something you evolve over time ('a bit from here, a bit from there'), or do you sit down and add the parts together before the game? Very interested to know more.

    And (again)...welcome back!!

    1. I usually put the parts from the different rules together before the game usually from mental notes of particular parts I like during the games that they were meant for. I'm suprised at times how well they work. For instance I really like the spotting rule from Battlegroup Kursk, it takes into account that the battlefield is not as flat as our tables and assumes that troops will take cover in dips in the ground, shell holes etc.

  6. Nice - thanks for a cracking report and some smashing eye candy. Consider your blog followed!