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Thursday, 12 September 2013

More From The Eastern Front

Another game using the rather excellent Battlegroup Kursk rules. This was another scenario from the rule book, we used a platoon level force of 650 points for each side. Dave again took command of the Soviet forces, winning the dice throw the Soviets took the first turn, dicing for how many units could enter the table Dave threw a respectable four. In my turn I threw a dismal two, things were not to improve has the game progressed. Using the speed of the the T34 and using the Stal! Stal! Stal! special rule the Soviets were able to get into position to meet the German forces as they belatedly arrived on table. The Soviets with Dave's dice throwing were always, due to my poor throwing able to bring on more units, having lost the early initiative the Germans were constantly being pinned by Soviet fire. When they finally got their Stug company in position to take on the Soviet T34's they were subjected to a devastating Katyusha stonk, two Stugs took direct hits and were knocked out, from then on the game was really up for the Germans, by turn six there was no way they could prevent the Soviets taking all the objectives so conceded the field the Soviets. The fact that the only Soviet loss apart from one footslogger was the loss of a T34 to a mine! tells the story, none the less a splendid game and I am certainly looking forward to the next game and to November which will see the release of the Fall Of The Reich supplement.

Some game shots in no particular order, the amount of Soviets in the pics more than tells the story

T34's Advance Past A Knocked Out Sdkfz222 

The Soviet Right Force Stream Towards Their Objective

Soviet Infantry Pass A Burning T34 Struck By A Mine

Aftermath Of The Katyusha Stonk

Soviets Take Possession Of The Heights

German Grenadiers Their Transport Aflame Take Cover

Soviet Forces Advance On The Left Flank

That's all for now folks, I have been painting commission work like a mad man over the last few weeks so I am treating myself with a day out to Colours on Saturday it as been several years since my last visit so I am looking forward to it immensely, I will be looking to get some suitable buildings for use with Fall Of The Reich games.


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