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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Another Diversion

I have recently been re-basing and sprucing up my Back of Beyond, Red force and as a antidote to painting Crimean Russians, Marlburians, Napoleonics I thought that I would paint up some more that I had never got round to doing, BIG mistake I have now got the Russian Civil War bug, dug out and started more, so quick and easy to paint, no lace, no facings and minimal equipment, also got some Musketeer Russians at Warfare to start a White force, as I already have some Copplestone ones. Shouldn't be really starting with this considering all the other periods I still have on the go, but at least I only have to paint the one side. I have also painted the freebies from this years Partizan shows.

 White Partizan Leader, actually Nestor Makhno, Anarchist Leader from Brigade Games

1938, the Royal Couple strike a martial pose for the Royal photographer.

Visited Warfare on Sunday, this is the quietest it as ever been I thought, I understand that it was busier on the Saturday until after lunch when the Marie Celeste effect I mentioned in a previous blog entry took place. Great for punters to be able to get around but must make the traders consider whether they can afford the costs of two days, difficult times. I did my best has I mentioned above I got some Musketeer Russians from Gripping Beast, some more trench sections from Ironclad, John mentioned that he is on with the bunker again I look forward to seeing that in due course, I also got the Osprey on Red Armour in the Civil War from Caliver, all courtesy of EBay sales, always put my money from these back into the hobby, thanks folks.

Some bad news and good news I have got some Christmas work, this will make up for the close season at the Oval Racing circuit, good times. But it means working nights so gaming may be a little sparse in December has I also need to keep my commission work going at the same time, bad times. But at least I will be able to afford Christmas dinner : -)

Take care, till next time


  1. Phil, those look great. I love the Royal couple miniatures. And Russian anarchists are always entertaining!

  2. Nice work Phil.