The Random Ramblings Of A Wargamer And Painter (OHQ Painting Service) Of Associated Miniatures

OHQ Painting Service

Rates and Services

I currently charge £7.50 per foot figure and £12.50 per mounted figure, depending on the subject it may be a little more, basing is extra, again depending on size and what is on the base. Prices for guns and vehicles vary with the subject, prices available on request.
I always send finished work next day insured at cost.
New customers may be asked to pay before despatch.
Delivery is usually around 10 to 12 weeks from receipt of figures based on my usual workloads and an average sized unit..
I regret that I do not at present provide a service for 15mm or below.

Contact me at -

Due to volume of work I am unable to accept new commissions at the moment.


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